How to Pick a DJ name


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Nov 18, 2007
Was thing of calling myself Dj Hazza (or just Hazza) as my sirname is harrison

but think it's to close to Dj Hazzard, people would deffo be disapointed if they came to see Hazzard and seen it was me on the decks lol.

So how to pick a name, i guess there is no way of knowing if anyone has an identical name (possibly a google search.

Was thinking of DJ NG3 (first part of postcode) what do u think?

How did you pick your names? What do they mean?



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Aug 14, 2007
my Dj nams isnt Don't Sleep but:

a name should be something that relates to you, your lifestyle, what your about etc

at the end of the day it doesnt matter what your name is man. as long as you can rinse the decks it doesnt matter really.


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Sep 15, 2007
Mine was easy.... I like "rocksteady" the type of music, that and I loved the mutant niña turtles when I was a kid. And I'm from the UK.

Hence: RocksteadyUK

Sammy Dexcell

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Oct 15, 2004
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Personally ive always wanted a different dj name, i had so many shit ideas for a name, then $marty came up wiv 1, an we always went b2b, so $mart n $lick kinda just rolls off the toungue
Dexcell was made in some madness over thinkin bout names an it really didnt make any sence to us at first but we were manly thinkin bout artwork for it an decided to stick wiv it. (had an idea for a bad company type logo the eib thing)
I did hav a brainstorm the other day come to think of it, dunno if these are used but : Dj Konsice, Rikta, Prymal, Koncept, 3Flow, Anatomix, Fizza, Malware, and PH I was gona pick koncept or anatomix for myself but i think i may hav to stick wiv slick, as ive kinda got this far now, no point in changin it.
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Oct 30, 2008
A dj name has gotta be sumin about u sumin tht has got meanin, DJ Secondhand just cuz i got my decks secondhand and most my tunes r secondhand (Fukin credit crunch) Oyeah and u got 2 hands so sorta joke 2.

I gotta m8 dj stashwell he got his name after tryin 2 stash a few jills in his vinyl bag and the bouncers had a good look in his bag b4 entering the club and got caught so stashwell came from tht.
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