how to order/buy packs from outside the UK


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Jun 3, 2007
hi, i'm from belgium and a big dnb fan.

i'd like to know easy ways to order/buy packs (like: genetic, random concept, innovation, dreamland, dnb infest, raveology, the national drum and bass awards, sidewinder, and others (- yeah, ive copied the list of the dnbforum rules))

i have no idea how to do this, i've been listening to dnb since 1994 and i've always managed to do so by buying cds and listening to what i could find on sites like these, but some packs i'd really like to have as a pack.

how/where can i buy these?
(and rather without having to use a creditcard - because it's not so custom to own one in belgium, and also i don't have one)

thx in advance!!!
do u have a credit card?
if yes go to and make an account there after that u easely can buy the packs and they will send it to u i also bought some inno packs and there was never a problem
fella if all you got is pie n mash, get your arse over to these shores and go to a record shop in Camden or in the market.
I dont got a credit card for a long time so I managed it otherwise.

I wrote emails 2 the shops... they all got a account 2 transferr the money... only hit them with a email.

U need the IBAN (international bank account number) & the swift Code from the account from the bank! check catapult or tapepacksuperstore...

transfer the money needs time u kno... U need 2 wait 2 weeks till u got the pack.

c u
I dont have a credit card either, i have a debit card. Takes funds from my checking account. I set up a paypal account with it, bought stuff online without usin paypal, just the card, etc. So thats an option maybe.
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