how to move furniture with your vagina

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    The surf board is a nice picture, great composition,but what's going on with her, cos she's fit and on a beautiful beach with trendy accessories she thinks no one will notice a flipping 5kg dumbell is hanging out her crotch.

    I don't mean to be judgemental, she's fascinating with her off-grid history and serious focus on quality sex, ok, brilliant, yes, sure, but that's whats on that picture, she's got weights on a string attached to what I can only assume is a a a, kind of a plug, of some kind, the shape of which is customised for maximum grip when stuck up the vag. In a sense, women could be more effective really, think about it, let's say there are three grocery bags, and shes got two hands, this clearly shows women can take that third bag too. Revolutionary really, how didn't anyone think of this sooner, men throughout history have been so caught up with rogering their penis back and forth in and out of it, it never occurred to anyone they could actually use it for something else, but productive and helpful instead