How to make DnB.


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Hey all,

Have been a follower of DnB for a while now and have decided I want to try and produce it. I have Reason 5 and just need a place or refferal to somewhere/someone where I can learn starting from the beginning. Also any tips from producers reading this about how they learnt are welcomed.



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open your sequencer. put the bpm to 175, put a kick on the 1 and 3,5 and snares on the 2 and 4 and hats all over the place. detune multiple saw-waves, attach an lfo to the cutoff and tweak to taste.



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Also a good bet is to buy some 'dnb creation kits' or whatever they're called, just a collection of loops, or buy a few issues of Computer Music mag - they usually have loads of usable samples on their included DVD's. It's a good way to start and get a feel of what kind of sounds make dnb. Then when you're familiar with that, you can try your hands on making the sounds, melodies and riffs yourself with the help of some youtube tutorials on how software synths work.

But as you use reason, you're probably best off just looking up those youtube tutorials tbh.


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another idea is to listen to lots of dnb. all day everyday. people whos been djing for a long time often pick up making the music quicker than anyone else.


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A good magazine to get is computer music, it has production tutorials from all the big producers i.e. chase and status, cyantific, tc, clipz, sub focus etc.

Peps have uploaded the vidoes that come with the mag 2 youtube so u dont have 2 part with ure cash!

For example here is a dnb tutorial with SubFocus he goes into Massive ammounts of detail! :) (pun intended)

Its not specifc to Reason however many of the techniques they teach in these videos can be applied to Reason as it is a robust sequencer and softsynth.
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as said above,just listen.
beats flow round my head all day long.

as for learning how to put them beats down,again as said above check you tube and generally just keep playing about with reason,dont expect to be a producer by the end of the week tho but its all about playing about.
there is no set way of making dnb and anyone who tells you there is is A. wrong and B. making the same ol same ol.

be original!

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Well this looks like a relevant thread...

Once you've started making music, feedback, feedback, feedback. Don't be shy about getting opinions on your tunes and listen to constructive criticism. Put the track on and get it rated ;)


I guess you need to watch icicle tutorial :)! There is pretty good stuff to learn, like how to make good drums and bass line :)! Very useful in my opinion :]!
And i need to mention that nothing happens with first try, under each producer there is like months and even ages of learning. Read not only treads about drum and bass because on youtube there is useful house etc tuts!!
And be patient :)!