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Discussion in 'Production' started by mAEx, Sep 10, 2012.

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    Hey guys,

    I wanted to make a remix of a track but I can't get the vocals without the instrumental background..
    How can I totally cut the vocals from a track?
    Or generally: how can I cut melodies or vocals without hearing the instrumental background?

    Greets from Germany, I hope you could understand the whole text^^

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    Well... its hard if its not an offiicial remix.

    Vocals... look for an accapella of it somewhere on the net. If its a popular song then there is most likely an accapella for it.

    With regards to the melody... its probably easier to try and recreate ot or to sample a single note from it and recreate it from there.

    If yuou cant find an accapella... simply try and EQ the rest of the song out but justy leave enough of the vocals for you to be able to understand it.... doesnt sound quite so nice buit can be done well if you give it time and effort.... check my remix of Chicane - No Ordinary Morning. Its not dnb... simply a remix of it..... but here i EQ'd out the rest of the track... enough that you are not able to hear it.... if you heard the vocals on their own.. you would hear the tune ever so slightly....

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    It would also work if you got an instrumental version of the track. Then you could put both of the tracks in your daw and phase out all of the elements that you can hear in the instrumental and leave you with the acapella of the original.

    There are not always instrumental versions of tracks either but it gives you an option for tracks that does have an instrumental version.