How to hear samples as i flick through windows explorer?

Sorry for the wording guys, not really sure how to word this lol

Basically i saw a video where somebody was able to just click on a wav file in exporer view and without opening media player they was able to play the file. Im guessing its some kind of windows plug in that does this but i have no idea of where to start looking

The reason for my request is that it would make my life so much easier if i could just click on a sound in my computer and preview it straight away without the need to drag it in my DAW or open up a media player.

From what i could tell, the guy seemed to have a built in mini media player attached to the explore window. So when he opens up a folder of lets say kick drums he can just click once on any sound and preview it without the need to actually open the sound.

Sorry for going on but does this sound familiar to anyone? If so plesa point me in the right direction.



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Ableton has a wonderful file browser and it keeps everything nicely organized
And you don't have to drag files or anything to listen to stuff