How to get these wierd vocal effects?

Hello everyone, id like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as its my second thread and i forgot on the first :)

I'm fourstoriesdown, and my music can be heard here:

The query i have is obtaining this weird vocal effect attached, noticeable at around 50 seconds and the second query is concerning fever ray's track "dry and dusty" found here: and how she gets her voice to sound like that.

I was wondering what sort of effects and stuff would be used in these cases

Many thanks in advance


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Vocals are really hard to manage. If you're using straight samples, you'll have a much harder time than what you can do if you record someone for a track. A lot of modern music uses double voicing (recording twice or more), which can bring out a lot of phat to any vocal and bring it up real sweet, like for a chorus or something. That's very hard to reproduce if you only have 1 source, it's bound to sound really mechanical and lifeless. There is magic in the x-factor that is humanity.

This track has almost certainly a double voice, but also some pitch shifting, the original seems to have been lowered for a couple of semitones to make it sound bit of otherwordly.

If you only have samples to work with, you can try playing around with splitting signals to filters that have complex LFO's and built rythmic effects based on that. Another nice trick to make something really spooky is to reverse the track, apply a generous reverb to it and reverse it again. In dnb lot of people chop vocals to bits to use them only as melodic elements instead of saying something with them.

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Yeah vocals are giving me headaches sometimes.
There are a lot of things you can do with it, but make sure that your audio source is at a good quality.
Then by slicing, rearranging, stretching and more I set up my vocal on the time pattern that I'm looking for, sometimes I also cut out some single words to use at the first or last beats of my drumloop.
You could also try layering one of these words with your snare at a slight volume to give it some more 'feeling'.

Then after that I send the vocals to like 2 or 3 mixer channels, one for low, one for mid and one for high.
This way you can add effects such as delay, reverb, etc. to them seperatly, which can come out very usefull.

But at least, just do what you think sounds good, use your ears and listen carefully to your vocal alone and how it sounds when implemented in the final track.
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Thanks for this idea, I might just apply that to making pads too. Nice one.
ditto... should work real nice on the horror inspired tunes i'm working on!

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Another nice trick to make something really spooky is to reverse the track, apply a generous reverb to it and reverse it again.
i assume this would require bouncing to audio before it is re-reversed?
The first one in the dusty track is just a pitched down vocal, and then later on there's a quieter partial layered on top. You can do this pretty easily with something like Waves SoundShifter. The download one sounds like it's been pitched up and then had a bit of chorus and delay. Possibly even vocoded/autotuned. Just have an experiment and you'll probably be able to get fairly similar results.