DnB How To get Punchy Snare Like Camo & Krooked or Dj Fresh

Angga Raditya

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Jan 16, 2012
I was wondering if you guys can help me how to get or achieve punchy snare like camo & krooked or DJ Fresh "Hot Right Now" ? I have produced a lot, but i never get tha snare like what i wanted! Can anybody give me a feedback. Thanks a lot.
u are doing the typical things, saturation/OD, compression with slow attack, parallel comp, EQ boots in the appropriate places (eg. ~200Hz and another couple at the higher splash freqs of the snare)? Thats all I really do and it usually turns out nice. Also layer snares thats pretty key. have good samples: http://www.freesound.org/people/crispydinner/
then if your snare is hitting at the same time as the kick make sure they are EQed together so they are not fighting but working together.

i dont really know any other tips, but i would be glad if ppl who know more would share!
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transient shaping, compression, saturation + a lil overdrive, some limiting and your done.

layering and eqing obviously, too.

but above all, transient shaping!
is izotope superior to a std compressor? do yo know if there are dedicated "transient shaper" plugs that are distinct from compressors?
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