How to get a trully empty, hollow sound effect.. An example in here, want to know how


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Dec 20, 2011
Haarlem, Netherlands
Hey guys, please help me get something like this sound at 1:38.
I'm talking about the 'atmospheric' background. I can make something similar in terms of sound and frequencies...
But.. I want it to sound hollow like this one. And now my teacher told me I should somehow phase-cancel itself, so that everything sounds really laid back and hollow.
My next problem is; I don't have such VST/effect-plugin. So does anyone have suggestions of how to get this sound?!
Thanks in advance! :)


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Feb 2, 2009
Re: How to get a trully empty, hollow sound effect.. An example in here, want to know

sounds a bit like the sound you get with a really resonant phaser or flanger with the feedback turned way up.

If you want to try the phase cancel way you need any plugin that has a phase invert button (some eq's, compressors etc)

1: create two tracks with identical audio clips
2: insert the vst on both tracks, set to do nothing, just there. (you need it on both tracks to balance the latency introduced by the plugin that will affect the next steps)
3: hit the phase invert button on one of the vsts
4: sum the signals (bus them together) you should hear nothing, total phase cancellation.
5: now if you alter one of the audio clips by filtering or adding an effect you will stop the total phase cancellation and you will start to hear the 'difference' between the signals

Not sure how that will get you to the sound you want but that's how you can try.
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