How to get a delay effect in Reason 4?

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Apr 20, 2007
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I'm using reason 4 and I was just wondering how you get a delay effect like on the piano in commix's painted smile tune. What a fucking tune!!

Anyway, I'm guessing it is a delay:confused: with some reverb on there aswell I think. I've tried doing it in reason but it don't continue and stretch the echo out that far if you get what I mean. Anyone use reason 4 and know how to do it? Thanks in advance everyone


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Dec 23, 2008
My guess is that DDL delay with 6 steps (1/16 length), feedback around 75 and dry/wet balance around 40-45 does the major part of the trick, at least it sounds quite close to first piano notes in the track above. The rest I believe is choice of sampler pattern you like and maybe adding very little reverb.
And dont forget to set the track tempo to smthn like 170+, otherwise DDL delay will sync to the reasons default 120bpm.

Brilliant tune btw!
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