How to fix warped vinyl.


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Apr 21, 2003
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I was just wondering if anyone has any useful tricks or suggestions to fix a warped vinyl. I have heard of a few ways, but i have not tried any of them

Hot Cup of Tea:
Place the record on a flat surface, place a hot cup of tea / water on the centre of the record and the heat should come through the vinyl just enough to flatten it out.

Two Plates of Glass:
Press your record in between two plates of glass and leave out in the sun for a short while (just enough for the vinyl to soften, not melt - cause you can destroy the grooves) Immediately bring the vinyl in still pressed between the glass, and let sit at room temperature until it completely cools off.

The "hot cup of tea" is the one i think would work better?
i think the cup of tea idea is a badden, i have tried to flatten records, reckon and you will never get em perfect, infact, every1 i ever done ended up worse...but the glass seems the best idea, good luck, ya gonna need it.
Can't you put them in the oven or something? You'd get more control than if you put them in the sun. Same method I think just use the oven...
i did a thread on this a few weeks ago and i was told to try using a hair dryer (carefully) to heat it gradually over a hard flat surface and then put something heavy on top for a while. that kind of works but only for a slight warp i found, it also can make it crackle and pop if you heat it too fast... was also told about the two pieces of glass thing but thats basically a gamble as well... this site explains how to do it 'properly'

to be honest though mate i found that these sort of worked briefly but the records still wobbly and now crackles a fair bit. i ended up buying another copy and making a nice little ash tray out of the warped one. hope this helps
jesus christ you lot seriously are amateurs... the sun and between two glass things is the only one that will work properly... NOT OVEN.. jesssssus christ!!!!!!
wot ever u do its gonna fuck ya vinyl, it will nver be the same again, putting it in the oven is the most comedy thing i have heard in a while.

well, if ur desperate and its too cold/no sun, what else r u gonna do? :confused: most would think oven as the next best thing, at a pretty low heat i guess.

ages ago i saw some thing that u clamp on top of the vinyl while its on your deck to help with warped records ill try find it
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