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There's a sticky on Graphics/Drawing.

How bout for beginners, including me, have a thread bout teaching graffiti and such, and tips.

My few tips,
On edges that stick out to the right bottom or top, outline more.

For drips, start with a curvy/random line downward, complete it thinly to make a cylinder like thing, come back up, do smaller ones, then make a longer one. Then at the top, draw a line from the top of your initial line to bout halfway across the drawing, keeping parallel to your start. Then fill in, and leave tips uncolored at points.

Connect everything in a sketch

when drawing with pen, don't push hard on the paper, nor draw slowly.

Correct me if I'm wrong?...


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Some advise on markers:

there worth getting for sure!

Pantones are the top graphic pens and they'll be around £7 each - dont buy, only if you really need a specific print matchable colour

Magic Markers are cool, great pens - these are around £4.50 each

The Letraset markers are by far the best value - they are just as good as the magic marker pens, but there only like £2.35 each, or nothing if you sleeve 50 at a time like me lol
but even if you buy them there very high quality for not alot of money. i rack them cos i go through them like you wouldnt beleive mate, i can run one of them out in a few hours.
good thing to do is pay for 3 or 4 of these in the shop, and rack up the pantones and Magic markers.

dont go London Graphics its way too hot to rack

try out of town, out the way artshops that have students working in there ect
for outline i use:

Edding permanant markers (3400 /3500 sizes for normal size bits)
Sharp-e black markers (made for CD's ect but there good for slightly bigger peices too)
and these are cheap compared to the Eddings :)


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1) Draw a circle
2) Towards the top of the circle draw 2 small lines these represent the eyes
3) Just under the 2 lines draw a semi circle these represent the mouth
4) At the bottom point of the circle draw a line going down this represents the body
5) At the halfway point of the body draw 2 lines at a right angle these represent the arms.

In stage 2 of my tutorial I will show you the tricky art of adding legs.

Thankyou and good night
1. Structuring the Figure

Here’s an example of a quick and easy way to block out a pose. Nothing fancy, just a simple stick-figure ‘armature’ made of simple shapes. With just a few lines, I’ve plotted out the basic pose and proportions of the figure. Note that the tail is sketched in as well, and it forms a natural extension of the spine. I sketch in a crosshair on the head, just to plan where the eyes will be on the face.

2. Block in the Forms

When I settle on a stick-figure pose, I start drawing the 3D forms on top of it. This is a good point to double-check with a mirror (or digitally, horizantal flip) to see how your sketch is shaping up from a fresh perspective, and correct any weirdness in the rough drawing. I flesh out all the forms before adding details like fur and clothing.

3. Clean-up and Details

My final task is simply to draw on top of my rough sketch, finalizing all the details without stressing over the pose and anatomy. Planning your drawing and analyzing it at every stage will usually have the best result. If you’re drawing with pencil, use a pen or brush to ink over your sketch, and rub out the loose lines with an eraser. Digitally, if you sketch in blue it’s a simple task to drop the colors, leaving only the black lines on top