How to convert M3U to MP3 file?


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Jul 3, 2005
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How to convert M3U to MP3 file?

M3U is a standard multimedia playlist that stores first designated for mp3’s. Originally implemented in WinAMP and actually supported in many applications like Juk , iTunes etc, M3U file format is commonly used for streaming music on the internet as from a created file for downloading from website and emailing and internet radio. The M3U file contains locations for queuing multiple media files to be played.

There really isn't a way to "convert" an M3U file into an MP3 as the M3U is just a link.

If you still have access to the M3U file, you can still use it to find and save the MP3 it links to. To do so, right-click on the link that opens the M3U and tell the computer to "Save Target As" onto the desktop.

When the M3U is finished saving, open up NotePad or WordPad and drag the file M3U file onto it (this will open it). Inside of the M3U file, you will find the link to the MP3 that it was meant to stream.

Just highlight and copy this URL and then paste it into your browser's address bar. That should take you to the MP3 that you were looking for.

cant say ive tried this "as i havent" but here they say they have a m3u to mp3 converter

:wave: hope that helps a few kats out :wave:
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