How Long You Been DJ'ing for??


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Apr 28, 2007
got my 1st pair of decks in 02 i think it was, when lk just got released
been on and off since then untill about 4 weeks ago, now no more mixing for me

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Oct 24, 2008
since sept 06 when i was 16 years of age... fucking shite pair of gemini's but they did the trick. after being shown roughly how to beat match spending hours trying to crack it was tough but its so worth it cos now i love busting out a mix whenever and wherever regardless of what state im in!


Jan 14, 2009
Edinburgh, Scotland
my first set of decks when i was 18 were citronic pd1 and a citronic mixer with massive punch buttons which i learned to scratch on, then got technics for my 20th with a vestax 05 pro mixer :) technics still goin strong and upgraded to the vestax 08 pro digital hybrid :twisted:

started off jst scratchin and playing hip-hop but nowadays play anything from hiphop, funk, soul, dubstep, techno, hard/techy dnb, hardkore techno & breakcore:twisted:
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