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Aug 19, 2008
I see a bunch of posts with "how do you make this bass?" and then a youtube vid.

I suggest we keep them all in one place
roger that revtech, theres only so much one man can do to the subs.
most basslines are important because of the movement in velocity and timing between notes. but there are many ways one can link that subbass with the mids n high end of a bassline

tricks with mids are to use low - mids about 200hz area and link in another note over the sub bass note. most commonly a 5th or 7th transposition up from it. if its neuro then you are in luck, your bass can take control of the whole spectrum. alot of neuro even deletes the drums untill the big hits (main kick n snares) it makes the bass sound bad ass. but in reality its a trick.

gettin pissed bo'!
sounds like a great idea... it would be much easier to have most good resources in a single post...

However, I am sure that lots of people - especially new users, will end up posting elsewhere, with the inevitable "0mg n00bz post in tha right thr3ad 0mg!" and stuff like that! :D
If anyone is looking at this thread, I figured out another culprit of the "yeah" bass.

mda's ringmod, at 1000 hz.

Noice, have that over a bitchrushed square that is bandpassed and shit and boom.
or some real how tos to beggin with. simply stating "detuning. and envelope" is barely a sentence, let alone a how to...
no disrespect senor rev, but i tend to blabber on matters im confident with, and the rest of the time i stfu. the other choice would be to regurgitate stuff i only know through passive reading, thus spreading misinformation.
bad idea if ya ask me... once this threads got past 3 pages, i bet no one can be fucked to look through it to find what they want!
do people even ever get those basses finished? lol did they even try? lmao

all they need to do is search it in you-tube, they already found a song they like there. lol

And happened to being original? why do we all want to sound like a specific producer?

-Andy bass.mp3


Real easy stuff. There is not sub under it mind you that, and it's not fully done and all.

Use it if you want (those are in C) it was made with freeware anyways :P
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