How is this EQ done?

Jan 19, 2009
Logistics only uses Reason I think so at least you know it is possible without loads of fancy kit. To be honest, its a skill to be able to EQ properly, if it was an easy step by step thing we'd all be doing amazing mixdowns!

For starters though, I'd say don't go crazy with the HP on your samples, I used to do this and only recently learnt how much I was choking the samples. Now, I slowly bring the HP up from zero, listening carefully to the hit, as soon as I hear the power being taken out I stop and turn the Q down to let more of the punch though.

It also sound like he's used the compressor to expand some of the splashier samples to bring them higher in the mix. I think the key is also not to be tempted to layer in to many things, the actually beat has got lots of space in it to allow the kick and the snare to punch through easily.

Finally, EQ the entire beat bussed down together to glue everything together, low can boost the low mids and highs to give the kicks and snares more punch and presence.


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Aug 19, 2008
some hits were EQed on different tracks I could tell. So for the kickdrum it would be lowpassed without much resonence and the snare a bit low and rest highpassed decently.

My guess bro.


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Aug 8, 2007
all about giving each element of the track its own space in the eq

bit or reverb, stereo imaging on the high ends and sound fx and such

kick snare and bass straight down the middle! ;)

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Oct 15, 2004
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Zeals definetly got it down lol my mate culprate uses reason, he's learnt some side chaining and stereo imiging compression. Really beefs up his tunes.
Another tip is seperate your sub bass so its in its own channel, and hav that in mono. It makes it come thru alot more an doesnt fuck up the high end as much as it would do usually.
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