How is ebay for vinyl these days?


Nov 13, 2008
Hi, I have a few old school tunes from 91-20 ish and I think its time to put them on ebay and was just wondering what kind of prices things are going for these days. I sold a load in 2006 to pay for some travelling and I was getting pretty good prices back then, but is the digital age slowing things down a bit and is there less demand? Not sure I will bother if I am just going to get 99p per vinyl!?

I have been monitoring a few things and having a look myself but thought there might be a few people on here that might use it a lot and have a better idea. Thanks for any info.
I use to sell, very easy to list stuff.

ebay is ok but i listed stuff on there 6 months ago and only sold about a third of it, put the rest on discogs and they were all gone in a month
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