DnB How important dynamic range for heavy tracks?


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Jul 30, 2021
Hello! I recently made a little demo and tried to make it louder (to -3.5 LUFs) by just limiting the master through... clipper. Yeah, not the most delicate way but it didn't sound bad -- no much distortion and drums were pucnhy (as i could hear). There was no feel that it overcompressed. But then i checked the analyser and the Dynamic Range was 3.5 LUFs! I was a bit confused 'cause my reference tracks, that HAD the feeling that they a bit overcompressed and were even louder, still had DR about 5-6 LUFs on drop. Firstly, I thought mb my track somehow special. Mb it has elements that don't need big DR. But again, reference tracks with even -2 to -3 LUFs constatly've been showing the same DR. So... Whats the importance of the dynamic range? Am I loosing any oportunity to make my drums punchier or transients more precise? Or i'm just deaf and can't hear all that bad things that happen? ...Or my track IS special? :) Please, let me know if you can tell something. Thanks.

https://disk.yandex.ru/d/FrrIv5lxP9Xwpg -- demo


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Oct 15, 2011
Lutz, Florida, United States
what was the dynamic range before you limited it?

I'm hardly the expert, but I think dynamic range is largely a creative thing. You'll want to have quieter and louder sections to give you another way control the energy in the track. So you can have a breakdown be quieter and then unleash for the drop.

Maybe try to find the places in the reference tracks where you can perceive it as quieter? Usually you can even see this in the track's wave.
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