How does a tune get released then?


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Aug 5, 2008
Portsmouth, UK
Ok, its probably a really dumb question but PhatController posted something that got me thinking about how record labels work (

So say I produce a demo and I play it to someone who runs a label and they like it. What would happen between then and my tune being available in shops like redeye, imo etc? Is there like a standard way releases are distributed? Who controls who has what? Who controls the process? Who decides when it is released, or is it just based on how quick it can get cut and delivered?

Anyways, feel free to slate me for my noobness.



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Aug 8, 2007
All depends on the distro really, they the people who sort out getting it pressed andobviously distributing it.

it varied time scale wise, but dnb is known for being pretty slow.

think we waited 6 months for our first release to hit the shelves haha
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