How do you work with vocals that are at a different bpm than dnb?


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Jan 12, 2017
Since the vocals are of great importance for most songs, I think it would be good to have topic about how each one of us is approaching vocals that are recorded at different tempo then dnb. Sometimes simple chopping does't work. What is your experience with the use of vocals that are 128bpm for example, since most ot acapella packs are around 130bpm?
Yes, this is the most obvious thing to do. What I mean are the cases in which the stretching doesn't work. For example the vocals that are 128bpm must be streched over 40bmp, which in most cases has a devastating effect. Do you have cases in which the vocal can not be used in 174bpm?
Half Beat of 174 bpm is 87. Half Beat sometimes work. And Timestretch not Pitching. With the right Timestretch the Character of the Sample stays the same. Wavelab or Traktor with the musical note symbol clicked on ... are my choice. It's just primitive math.
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Yap. Often u have to time stretch — but often not! I use a lot of female verse/chorus recorded between 110-140 bpm and just keep them as they are if they are floating nicely along the 170-174 beat. Often it creates a nicely non-rushed vocal line that is not following too monotonous the main beat. Of course u got to cut it to match bars / pattern.. but often I get away without actually time stretching them. Try it out.
I think this is the best way to use vocals, because it retains the vocal qualities. Maybe the vocals which is the most difficult to work with is rapping, because they are in a slower tempo, but the rhyming is fast.
If you can slice it, slice it. Its tedious but produces the best results (for the small ampunt of vox i work with) Time stretching almost always decreases the quality of the vocal imo. Sometimes it makes for a cool effect tho..
First find out what the BPM of the original track your working with is.
Pop it in your DAW at either the first or second bar. Put the click track on and move the voacls around until they fit to the click.
Highlight the whole track from the first bar right up to wherever it ends (bar 113 or whatever). You may have to shorten the end, use snap-to-bar or whatever to make sure it's exactly on the beat.
Make a note of the start and end bars.
Now if your original bpm is 90 - ~135, set the bpm of the track to 87 and time-stretch.
If the original bpm is 140 - 170 then set the bpm to 174 and time-stretch.
Now that you've changed the bpm the highlight/locators will have probably moved. Move them back to the bars you made a note of earlier.
I always time-stretch by "using locators" option.
Check to make sure the song still works to the click track.

The bpm you time stretch to doesn't have to be 87 or 174, it's all personal preference, as is whether you speed up of slow down the vocal.

Hope that helps.
Also, my DAW (cubase) allows me to move the vocal sounds around (audio manipulation option) if stuff doesn't fit quite right first time.
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