Drum & Bass how do you make this bassline?


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Sounds like you're just trying to make a sub that has 2 other oscillators (I would use square) layered on top of it. Try experimenting with different harmonics. Good luck

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Its just a basic reece bass, nothing spectacularly difficult.

Ok, so start off with any synth that has 3 oscillators. Set all 3 to saw waves, detune one up by about 6 cents, and one down by the same amount, leaving the third as it is. Thats a very basic reece foundation. From here, you can lowpass it to give it that nice smooth rolling sound as heard in your 1st example. Alternatively you can sidechain it to a muted kick on a 4x4 beat or add an LFO on 1/8 to achieve the driving pumping style you hear in your second or third example!

Dont limit yourself here tho, you can do so much with this sort of bass, experiment and see what you can come up with yourself


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The first one has a minor third sound so add a layer 15 semitones up. I would try a square wave sent to one filter and low-passed quite heavily, then add a second oscillator 15 semi higher (an octave and 3 semitones) and send it to another filter and play around with the cut-off until it sounds ok. I'd try square waves first btw. Experiment from here. The second one sounds like a standard sub with lots of other leads going on over the top. The third has the classic liquid 'perfect 5th' sound which you get from adding a second layer an octave and 7 semitones higher, as in the first example. Or you can start with a single square wave and send it to a low pass filter. Set the resonance quite high, key tracking on, and sweep it through until you hit that sweet spot that pulls up the right harmonics to emulate the second oscillator. You'll need to play around with a bit of overdrive and compression perhaps to thicken up the sound.