how do i send off to masterhouse?

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Apr 9, 2009
basically i have been asked for a .wav file for mastering.
i tend to limit the tracks myself and compress individual tracks.

do i need to take the final limiting off for the master house? and how much headroom must i leave for them to do a thorough job?

thanks for any help. this will be the first track i send out for mastering

yeah its advisable to take any compression or limiting off the master 'cause when they do their compressing and limiting they will have a much harder job to do, just send them a good mixdown. leave around -7db/-4db headroom, the more the better really, they will make it "loud" for you. send them a tune of your choice which relates to the kinda sound your aming for with yours too, so they have something to go by.
nice one guys, in fruity loops there are three depths:
16bit int
32bit float (0.24)
32bit float (16.8)

i'm wondering what is best for this situation?
Just make its a high sample rate.

Yeah i'm not sure about fruity but always make sure there is plenty of headroom and mix it down at the highest sample rate - if you're unsure give the mastering house you're sending it to a call and i'm sure they'll be happy to help - if they aren't then go to somewhere that will.
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Doesnt matter what daw, just bounce to 24 bit. Most of them have the option to do so.

In fruity it's a major major drawback that you cant render 24 bit files. 32 is overkill imo, and takes up very much HD space. But you can export as 32bit (0.24) and then in your favorite audio editor change the bit depth to 24.
nice one kama, i just wondered if it was similar to bouncing 192kbps to 128 kbps mp3, as i know you lose alot of detail in the mp3 conversion.

but i think because wav is a pretty raw sound file i should be ok?

cheers for the help and yeh, 32bit is seriously overkill hehe 1:30 = 70MB
Sure you know this already, but:
Wav is lossless.
Mp3 is lossy.

Even if you do go for 32bit out of fruity, surely the mastering house won't bat an eyelid at that relatively puny size (compared to HD video for example)?
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