DnB How do i go about making Dark, Liquid moving Basslines in Massive or Logic?


Apr 8, 2012
Hiyer, im 18 and pretty new to production. Not been taught music theory, just been watching youtube tutorials to and lots of others to teach myself. I am making drum and bass however i wold love to know how to go about making dark liquid basses like Dj Die and Break. Anyone have a clue? Moving liquid basses like the following:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqpS74OLvqw (Die & Break Grand Funk Hustle) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mY69d4GYfes (Break Hot Love) to name a few. Any advice would be appreciated for a young aspiring Drum and Bass producer would be appreciated many thanks.
Never heard those tracks beforeso for that I thank you. As for the sound, it's all about applying slow attack filter envelopes to the cutoff filter and possible the wavetable of the synth too.
all about automation IMO.

logic is pretty good for automation, mess around with a low-pass filter cutoffs and pitch bends. Look into 'frequency splitting' aswell. Also there's a lot of Computer Music tutorials where most artists use Logic and are geared towards dnb, so just search for them, and also there's is a dirty bassline exchange/how to thread at the top of production.
Wicked and thanks a lot thats no problem. Any clue on what waves are used? And if they have been pitched up or down? Gonna search about for tutorials now :)
Sounds like a low sine wave (sub). You can distort the mids-his and use widening effects such as flanger chorus and phaser on the somewhat higher frequencies. Then use an automation or lfo on a lowpass filter for the wobbling movement in the bass. Bounce the audio and repeat the process until you have a nice bass you can use :)
also i saw interface use the vibrato plug in logic to make a sine wave wobble, it sounded pretty nice so check that out, you'll probably want to use a sine type modulation curve with a fairly high frequency and automate it to speed up/slow down over time, however i dont use logic unless collabing so im not entirely sure...
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