How Dare You Ft. Sugar Ray

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    Right first of all i know its not drum and bass. I've posted it just to get opinions.
    so i dont need telling!
    me and a friend have been working on this for a while.
    on valentines day i went go get the missus some flowers from the local flower shop.
    when i went in i heard some heeeeaaaavy dub (not dubstep) and when i proceeded it was the white guy ive known for years, absolutely rinsing it. so he came round and did this little bit for us.

    it needs mixing/mastering alot

    more stuff to come.

    i know that was quite long winded but i thought it was kinda funny how i stumbled across him.

    thanks for taking time to read this and listen to my track.

    please comment!!!!!!
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    mix it again pls then i can give some feedback