How can I make these sounds?!

Absolutely loving this tune atm doesnt seems like the artist hasnt made anything else remotely similar to it tho unfortunately, got a very similar sound to phaeleh. So my questions are, firstly how would i find a sound similar to what we hear in the intro, the very first sound to be played? Secondly how do I make a bassline like this? Think its got a really deep emotional sound to it!

Cheers people!

Okay, So the questions seem pretty simple to answer, the first first sound is almost deffo a sample as sort of said above. . . Kinda sounds like a harp or another stringed instrument with a high melodic content.
it also sounds like its been reverbed too, and obviously its been EQed to the max, (EQ is so important with all sounds, especially ones like this)

If it was me making it id find a sample that sounded similar (not so important that it is similar with the notes or where the keys are played more how the tone is perceived by you, i.e stringed and or plucked) then id arrange with a sampler so the notes sounded like how i want. Then as i said before USE EQ or EQ's, to get it to sit right. . . use more than one if you have to, use 10 if you want! just get the sound hitting the right freqs. . . then spread the sound with a reverb and maybe stereo enhancer, also EQed. . sometimes helps to have a wet reverbed/stereo track EQ'd to the higher Freqs. and a dry one, then you can mix the two to get the tambre you want, Export, tweak again when its 1 audio file, and you should have something similar.

The second question about the bass,

ill keep it brief, You need a

1 Clean Sub with pretty much or absolutely NO phasing on it. (usually a sine)
1 Phased Reese Bass for the mid of the bass (sines again) (and take time with the cent/pitch changes as this is important and changes with what keys you play)
and 1 FX track sitting on the top of the lower two layers, with LITERALLY the TINIEST amounts of reverb or Chorus or Phaser FX to give it a bit more depth/width in the track.

Loads of tutorials online about the bass, just remember to split the bass into Feq Layers. . Low Mid High.
this is tedious. did you even watch the link i sent? . .

what would you call a detuned sine synth? i would call it an old skl reese. for ease. . .

SubFocus a well acclaimed producer in lots of music scenes including DnB calls that sound i described as an "Old Skl Reese", and if you think about it, the only difference is the waveform. . . id rather listen to a producer than a troll, but well done for picking up on the name. . . because that was the most important thing I mentioned.
Im not taking the piss or having a pop but,
With an attitude like that, you will never make it as a producer. you might as well sell your set up (if you have one) while its still worth some cash.

Kind Regards,
Mr. Not a fucking troll.