How can i get sets in clubs?

im not looking for money or to get big...

i just really wanna do my thing in front of people, ive manged to get a set in a club in bristol for 30 mins but that was luck as my mate knows the promoter... but if i want to play at others night i dont really know how to approach promoters of watever and i know theres people in the bussiness on the forum who might know how to...

cheers :)


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demos mate, get down to the events and shed them out to the promoters

do some online mixes showcase ur talent

and get in their faces ;)


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just get in the mix and record it. anything from thirty mins to an hour is appropriate to hand out. but zeal's right, you need to post mixes online get people listening to them, build a bit of a rep that way. it's also good way to get constructive criticism.

Joey AdhD

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a half hour mix and brown nose promoters, make sure ur face is known in the clubs u wanna play, show a bit of dedicatoin to the night, if the premoter sees u headin to his night he is more than likely to offer u a set rather than someone who turns up once in a blue moon and expects the main set, u will never start at the top man, always be prepard to play to an empty floor at first, but jus gettin chattin to people in the know, let em know what ya do, show em wot u do then go from there...easy.


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Basicly... coming from a my point of view as a promoter....

i dont book anyone i dont know... so... irespective of talent... if i dont know you personally then im not going to book you. Same goes for many promoters.

Main reason is that i dont want to book dickheads... the last thing i want is some DJ who i dont know to rock up and he's a complete cock and has absolutly no profesionalism what so ever.

My advise to you is to get yourself down to as many raves as possible. find out who the promoters are and chat to them, or if you have a mate whos playing get them to introduce you to the promoter. worst thing you could do in this situation is give them the cd straight away and beg a set off them. Just chat to them the same as you would anyone.... make friends.... ive got loads of bookings from people who have probably never heard me mix untill i started playing at their events.... internet is good aswell..... but... you need to be carefull... dont do a DJ Slugz and post your mix in every thread known to man on every forum in every language and boast about how big your mix is and how great you are compared to everyone else..... people will just think your a cock....

anyway, good luck bro.


Never be afraid to ask any venue if they're interested in drum and bass djs, you''l never know unless you ask n the worse thing that can happen is them just saying no... i did it with a place in lichfield last may expectin to be turned down and ive run a successful dnb night there every month since then, and i dont have to put a penny towards hirin out the venue.... just go into your local clubs and ask around

best of luck to you geezah


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How long should the demos be??

quick 10 min or full hour?
I'm not 18 yet so have no chance of playing in clubs, but people I know who've recorded demos and got a gig from it say that:

It should be bout 45mins to an hour, showing off as much of your style but still flowing naturally

Give the CD over with a tracklisting, so the promoters know what stuff you play at a glance

Should be solid all the way through, because the chances are they'll listen to about 30 secs and then skip through the rest of the mix, listening to a few seconds at a time

Include a bio of any achievements or events you've played

AND don't make it too good, it should sound like you on a good day, rather than a perfect mix, because theres nothing worse than the promoter thinking your amazing because you've spent hours planning, editing and tweaking your mix, and you get to the club and ur set turns out terrible

that's all second hand information though.


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wait in the carpark knock all the djs out, tie them up, then when the promoter in the club starts panicing cus nicky b has run out of tracks, say hey ive got some tunes in my car

and say can i fill in, till next dj comes

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Unless you know as a promoter that the party that you are gonna put on is going to be rammed i have always booked Dj's that are enthusiastic and can bring all their mates (paying of course), even at a small party in a club, pub, bar it's gotta be a 2 way street, i need to know how many people you could bring to see you play and support you.
(thus supporting me).