how are you now?


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hunter d said:
this is my first ever post on any forum ever. hi how are you?
Hi thar, I am great! How are you?

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Hello Hunter!!!

How are you?

Whats the D stand for?

SPo0n said:
not too bad. recovering from depression
Recovering from the repression of a depressing depression can make quite an impression but it certainly won't teach you a lesson. No matter what the chatter or the debter as long as you keep the laughter.............

Corny/cheesy I know but i'm just trying say that you don't have to be depressed, i've lived with a depressed family for 19 long years and the only one I can say that aint depressing is (God Bless Her) me ol' dear!!!! When you have to live with depressed people it make's you think how your making other people depressed just by being depressed yourself. Life's with it and laugh at it. If I get a phone bill or something now I employ the Motion reallife avoidance tactic:Smoke Weed!!!!!!:D :spliff: