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The Nitrous

Mar 12, 2005
Montreal, Canada
Available right now on In Da Jungle Recording, 5 brand new releases from Queensyze, Metaphase, Infraktus, Badweed and Nick and Erina Z.

iDJREC051: Metaphase - Mi Sensi Remix

Reeewind! Metaphaze brings us another Mi Sensi remix which guarantees to satisfy the dancefloor’s need for some ragga tech. Vocals get chopped and basslines get twisted in this super alpha strike assault of a remix. The breakdown is an all-out funky kick-fest right before the sick bass solo. Guitar licks round out the instrumental selection for yet another iDJR innovative banger.

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iDJREC052: Belladonnakillz - Hell Yeah (Queensyze Remix)

Oh yes, the wait was totally worth it. Queensyze keeps on innovating with a fresh new brand of electro-rock drum and bass. Out with the trance synths and in with the filtered guitar riffs, vocoded singing and a bouncy break. This one has about seven flavous of party mixed in and they're all worth tasting. Another Queensyze track? YEAH, HELL YEAH!

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iDJREC053: Nick & Erina Z - All Down b/w Slipping into Blood

A. All Down
Turn it over for a taste of broken beat madness and one of the gnarliest basslines you’ve ever heard. You can bet Nick and Erina Z leave no snare unturned and no bassline intact as the breaks get chopped behind a distorted violin and the bass rumbles deeper than a dinosaur fossil. If you’ve come for drums and bass, look no further, this one’s stripped down to the core and raw as hell!

AA. Slipping into Blood
“Just last week I had a slip…” into this stormer of a darkside smasher! Another exquisitely produced soundscape by Nick & Erina Z, the highlight being the seesaw bridge of bass which heralds the second drop. The bassline has all the growl you need for a pit fight and the eerie sounds provide the mood while the drum track displays many clever arrangements of a variety of percussions. Wicked stuff indeed!

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iDJREC054: Infraktus - Rescue Me b/w Distorted Reality

A. Rescue Me -
Infraktus knows how to smooth it out, especially on “Rescue Me”. Hypnotic vocals, sublime pads and some rhodes on reverb make this one tick. Melanie’s voice flows over the beats and soundscapes like a well-poured Guinness into a frosted glass. Add “Rescue Me” to your list of reasons why drum and bass is so much more than club music. (Not to worry, Infraktus brings some of that too!)

AA. Distorted Reality -
Infraktus brings the futuristic vibe with Distorted Reality on the B-side. The pads take on a serious role all the way to the drop which is a total trip to outer space. The drums smack and the lead synth wobbles each and every way. Best of all are the bass stabs that hit the gut with all the right combinations, killer instinct style. You can bet iDJR is looking forward to what this talented and versatile artist has on deck next!

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iDJREC055: Badweed - Give it to Me b/w Kiss Kiss

A. Give it to me
Smooth vocals over a high-energy drum track with snappy snares??? Give this track to me! Badweed’s dnb remix of this club rnb club smasher works in the ways only dnb can with the pumping bass to get the floor moving. A funky percussive halftempo breakdown standardly sets the tone for a bass-heavy drop and the return to the running break that gets everyone in the club to “give it up!”

AA. Kiss Kiss
Badweed’s flipside offers up another rnb meets dnb rework that guarantees both wide recognition and loads of footwork. The lead is absolutely funky and complements the vocals perfectly. It seamlessly comes to the front before bubbling down to give the song several high-interest layers at all times. It’s tracks like this that make me use the repeat feature on my mp3 player.

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