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[False Flag Operation rolling thread] New Releases Out Now!

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False Flag Operation (FFO) is a subsidiary of DubKraft Records and retaining a lot of its sound and ethos, but being a more of an ideas laboratory with an original approach over many details, as you will discover.

FFO is looking to push mainly electronic music and arts that really deserve adjectives like “creative” or “emotional”. Or “f%$king sick!”.
The label knows almost no boundaries regarding styles and genres, it’s dedicated to people interested in rich experiences, not in waving the flag of any genre.
The label is mainly digital. But not only.

Most tracks will be released independently as soon as they are ready for it, but only in label’s own online shop and at ridiculous prices. Then, periodically, the tracks will be bundled in releases and shipped to all the online shops out there.

Also, we will show support for other forms of art that fit the same description.

You're invited to follow FFO on Facebook and Soundcloud.
There you will be among the first to find out about forthcoming releases, special offers and treats, gigs, and other goodies we prepare

Out Now:
(preview/buy on

Operation Log 000 - Introduction by Various Artists FREE
Operation Log 001 Schoe by Alien Pimp & Terry Artovsky
Operation Log 002 1001 Pieces of Puzzle by WeAreNotSure
Operation Log 003 Masseeve by Mr. Gasparov
Operation Log 004 Strangefunk by Materia
Operation Log 005 Look Of Love by Vlaicu Golcea & Sonic Tonic
Operation Log 006 Orchestral Mindtrip by Adam Kroll
Operation Log 007 Sushi Town by Cuelock
Operation Log 008 Septum by Hector Villanueva
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Just added a couple of new tracks!
Available exclusively from our own shop
or later from most quality online retailers

Operation Log 007: Cuelock - Sushi Town
There’s something about Cuelock! His sound doesn’t bring spectacular innovations, is not that “in the face”, yet he has a clear personal touch. You can’t easily put your finger on it, can’t easily put it in words, but you immediately know it’s him when you listen. This track is spiced up with some asian ethnic sounds, which is not such an original initiative. But again, it’s done Cuelock style, and that’s special enough.

Operation Log 008: Hector Villanueva - Septum
Miami resident Hector Villanueva comes from a warm place not only in terms of climate, but also musically. He’s doing fine producing house, tech-house and related styles, he could comfortably settle there forever and be fine. But the man has higher ambitions, more and more often he prefers to endeavor in experimental trips and surprise us with new approaches and ideas. This track could be described as experimental glitchy minimal house, but best is to take it as it is for what it is.

And if you like this, there's an entire Hector Villanueva EP available on right now!

Artwork by Silviu Costinescu

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Here's the youtube official video:

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also my personal soundcloud page is approaching 3000 followers, i'm gonna share a spicy one when that happens ;)
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