Hosta - Homegrown EP // Out now on Lifestyle

After enchanting us all with soft gooey liquidy goodness in the form of 'never leave you', released alongside the talented Macca on Lifestyle earlier in the year, Hosta returns for a spellbinding effort with the Homegrown EP. If you’re a sucker for warm uplifting bass lines and feel good melodic yuminess then this one’s definitely for you. The EP itself is a vocal-led development with soulful vibes a plenty alongside warm, undulating bass lines. Perhaps the exception to this, in purely a vocal sense, is Summer Days, a track featuring the more angelic vocals of Catherine Danica. Imagine yourself in a distant field of corn on a hot summer's day making daisy chains and you get the idea. Other tracks include Loosing You which echoes soothing spaced out synths alongside drifting melodies designed to take on a heavenly journey to bliss. All in all a must for any liquid fanatics!