HOSPITALITY Social Researh!!


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Hi guys! I'm writing a paper on DnB cultures, with focus on Hospitality. If you could fill out these few questions for me I'd be very grateful (as in depth as you like, obviously the more so the better).

The paper is asking and aiming to answer an array of questions around DnB fan cultures, its intrinsic qualities and social norms. If you feel more comfortable you can email me your answers or discuss this further on

Are you male or female?

What is your sexuality?

From what ethnic origin are you?

Why did you attend Hospitality?

Do you like Drum and Bass Music?

How does the music make you feel?

Try to describe how you felt at this events and what influenced you to feel this way.

Did you feel part of a community at the event?

What did you do at the event? (Dance/Talk/Drink etc.)

How did you dance?

Was it aggressive or passive?

What made you dance in this fashion (environment/true to yourself/external influences...)?

What did you wear to the event?

Did you pick this out particularly for the event?
(If yes) Why? What made that outfit so special?

Did you consume drugs or alcohol at the event? If so what and how much?

(If yes…) Do you feel this influenced your behaviour/attitude?
no, barely.

Did you feel masculine/feminine at this event?
In what way?

Do you feel the event is gendered?

Thank you, Dan!