Hospitality (Rough Preview)


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alright i'll introduce this.

today, a mate in my class introduced me to Liquid DnB and i had to make a track sounding like Song For Lovers - The Bachelors of Science so i tried and what i have so far. A 30 second preview LOL.

Again, this was my first time making any kind of Drum and Bass so feedback is always welcome man.
cheers lads, who knows, once ive done this track i might stick around, really getting into DnB now.


hmm well first off, wrong section. : )

im not familiar with that song off the top of my head although i know ive heard it before, i dont know if you tried copying the melody or something, and its cool to try and recreate elements from other tunes to get a tiny idea of how they might have done it.

but also if its your first time you should try making some of your own stuff, just play around with the drum and bass tempo and experiment..

as for critisism of your preview.. if thats what youre asking for, the drums need a lot of work, they basically dont exist, it might be a case of something squashing them down on the master track, like a compressor or hard limiter. try having no effects on the master and getting your bread and butter sounding good together at a nice volume (drums, bass, melody)

the piano thing is nice, but as i said before it sounds like something is squashing everything down so idont really wanna go into too much i think it might be your main problem

just keep practicing