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2016 Has seen some great new emerging DNB artists and new DNB record labels. I wanted to highlight those artists in my guest producer drum&bass mix. Exclusivlly produced for Beatport by tracks purchased on Beatport. Tony Colman aka London Electricity and ceo of Hospital records of the UK and I were speaking two weeks ago about my desire to remix “Phase Us” from his late 2015 Hospital records/London Electricity release “Are we there yet”. Tony has insisted I purchase the premium NI Stems available on Beatport sound store. After downloading the stems I had agreed the quality and price was well worth it. I successfully remixed and released Phase Us using only the original Vocal stem. I also premiered a video i created as well that debuted on Vimeo. Kenny Franklin aka TinSpider has created most of all the Hospital artists videos since the early days. I signed to Proton/Spring Tube records who released my 2015 liquid drum&bass hits Going On as well as Liquid blue, After I befriended TinSpider after going as a pro member on Vimeo I wanted to start working on adding some videos to my ever growing musical catalog. Working in the new medium of time lapse photography had taken some guidance that TinSpider was more than kind to respond to questions on Vimeo. Soon we became more and more in touch with Q & A sessions about video making. I also wanted to pick his incredible creative brain about the artistic style and trends he used in producing some of his videos of late that he created a new video for every song from LE’s “Are we there yet” I recently read an interview with Tony Colman where he had stated he was moving away from the usual big budget narrative music video stays of the entire 90’s and the age of MTV. I agreed that tired style was over and much to obviously produced for my taste as well. Creating videos where the music was more of an ambient effect to a more free and esoteric freeform reality based performance artist driven style with the combination of introducing new subliminal elements that always kept the trading intact with out shoving it in your face like an overproduced junior high school play. I had the good fortune of meeting darwinfish 105 . Internationally known time lapse filmmaker on Vimeo. He had given me the keys to 279 hd time lapse videos that he shot primarily in Tokyo.The footage came with his generous blessing and right to edit, and and reproduce the footage as I saw fit in a creative comms agreement with the caveat that I allowed him the same rights to use songs from my catalog for his audio needs in film making.I released Liquid blue and Going on to much surprise the videos received a nomination as a Vimeo staff pick. When writing and producing DNB tracks that basically start at 172bpm usually and go up from there I find time lapse as well as hyper lapse video photography the perfect combination at this point.Amos from Dolby has been being beta tested over at Hospital records by Tony as well. The video I watched on You tube blew me away. I believe Tony had debuted it at the Ultrasound event on the 23/01/2016 to much success and admiration especially being that the software also functioned properly at the event .Always a good thing lol. that is when any new cutting edge software actually works when you go to use it officially in a public event or function.I also just purchased some new tracks from Beatport to apply to this new 2016 mix. Wow Hospitals sub label Med school has really boasted some great new talent. Either woods release Souvenirs and Unfolding made the mix. Also Hospitalities 2016 double release included Mtreks track “Terminus that is a real growler with power and light also made the cut as well. Followed up with two track from London Electricity’s latest release. I featured Phase us feat: Emer Dimeen on vocals. Also the incredible dub cover of Seven days to live. Other great vocals performed by anther blast from LE’s past with the return of Elsa Esmeralda as the voice of the latest Med school release Urban Dawns new ep shines with four beautiful new songs that was a collaboration from a distance. Also had said the tracks were sent to her hometown where she added her enchanting vocals that completed the eps now trademark sound know as “Urban dawn. Don’t miss the videos that company all the tracks featured on my “Drum and bass saved my life” exclusive Beatport drummed bass producers guest 2016 mix from Proton, Juno, Spring tube And Beatport recording artist Ꮯ⚡︎➒ . Beatport was the first stop for all the most hard to find electronic music. The place to here and be herd before Sound cloud, Mixcloud and the endless list of EDM focused social media platforms. I a loyal Beatport artist, consumer and promoter. Remember in the music industry that I work as a professional producer, artist and engineer music is a currency shared with my piers in the industry ofter worth more that actual money. Producing sharing and letting it create and connect us to this cosmic synergy is what its all about. Happy 2016 Beatport and my fellow artists, I hope this guest producer Beatport mix brings new sounds and inspiration to you while you support the artist who created it by purchasing this mix for your collection. Peace Ꮯ⚡︎➒ Less...

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