Hospital Mix 9??


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Aug 8, 2009
Any one heard if hospital are releasing a mix this year? I would have thought they'd of announced something by now.


May 13, 2009
If they are, please let it be Cyantific on the mix again. None of the hospital mixes have compared to number 6


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Aug 8, 2009
Hospitality Drum & Bass 2011 Mix CD coming out soon

see the hospital site for tracklist etc

Ahh right so the hospitality mixes are now going to replace the hospital mixes? I didn't realise with them having both last year, 'hospitality 2010' and 'hospital mix 8'
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Mar 27, 2007
Maybe I'm a complete retard, but I can't find the tracklist anywhere. Link?
Track List
01. Danny Byrd Feat. Netsky “Tonight”
02. Camo + Krooked “Reincarnation”
03. Receptor “Ass”
04. Danny Byrd “Ill Beheaviour”
05. Sigma Feat. Logistics “Dreams To Reality”
06. Die + Interface “Bright Lights” Netsky Remix
07. Joe Syntax “Fire Engine”
08. Nu:Tone “Bleeper”
09. The Protypes “Cascade” Cutline Remix Radio Edit
10. Hyperlogic “Only Me” Hamilton Remix
11. Swedish House Mafia “One” Netsky Remix
12. New Zealand Shapeshiter “The Touch” Netsky Remix
13. Blokhe4d “The Way Life Used To Be”
14. Mutated Forms Feat. Jenna G “Last Time”
15. Command Strange “Heavy Funk”
16. Original Sin + Taxman “Penamana” Best
17. B-Complex “Little Oranges”
18. Genetic Bros “Uplifting”
19. London Elektricity “Just One Second” Apex Vip
20. New Zealand Shapeshifter “Lifetime” Logistics Remix
21. Fred V “Simple Beginnings”
22. Subwave “Road Rage”
23. Nu:Logic “Bigfoot”
24. Total Science “Scaremonger”
25. Danny Byrd Feat. Tomahawk “Hot Fuzz”
26. Phace “Vintage”
27. Danny Byrd “We Can Have It All” Sigma Remix
28. Unquote + Molecular Structures “Lubov Moya”


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Sep 22, 2009
That Receptor track is wicked bleepy. Probably not right up the alley of the oldschool cat but defs in line with Hospital. Therefore I like it.


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Jun 6, 2008
NW Kent
'Penamana' in a Hospital mix?!

If they had to do a Hospital mix, they should of let Logistics choose and mix the tunes...

And a Med School mix, by Joe Syntax, who should be allowed to do the same thing


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Oct 13, 2009
the only one i own is 5, which was mixed by LE, and that had infinitely better tunes than this one has.

hospital really need to freshen up their ideas. just stale release after stale release at the moment.

edit: having said that at least danny byrd tried something a bit different with his album, but i just didn't rate it
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