Hospital / Inperspective / PI Recs @ today!

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    Hospital / Inperspective / PI Recs @ today!!!


    Its the weekly update... Boh!

    Thanks to all the crew from last week wicked selections...

    This week we have Social Security (Hospital Records) representing from 16:00 GMT, followed by Neptune (Fracture & Neptune / Inperspective) at 18:00 GMT, then rounded off by the PI Recordings Show (Hosted by DJ Linus feat. Latent Notion / live PA) 22:00 - 00:00 GMT...

    Dont forget to keep checking the link for all our line-ups and show info so you dont miss out, please remember its all about the Life FM residents too, rinsing out all styles and genres of underground music 24:7:365, creating the foundations and making Life FM possible:


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