Horses heads and carts vol 1 & 2 Dj Cartier and Dj Maxxi

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    OK.... So one day we decided that we would press record.... using 3 decks, 1 mixer, a random selection of tunes and see what happened...
    We hope you enjoy this mix, feel free to share it with whoever you like and keep checking back for more mixes from us as well as special guest dj's and mc's in the future.

    Vol 2

    **UPDATE - PLEASE IGNORE THE FIRST 10 or so seconds of feedback this disappears!**
    So Maxxi calls me on a sunny Sunday afternoon and tells me he is near my house. He comes round... we press record and decided to name it HHC number 2....
    This mix was recorded on 4 channels and is a completely random selection...
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