Horizons music massive weekend sale


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Jan 3, 2005
Hi everyone,


you must all be about to enjoy your weekends, we are not! We have a very busy weekend and this is just why.

To coinside with all preorders of Internal affairs CD and Treading water CD for £5.99 we have dropped the cost of also Dreamthief double CD to £5.99 and also 9th wonder CD to £5.99. For this weekend only!

We have also dropped all vinyl albums to under £10! That's so the vinyl supporters don't moan! Some great artwork on these albums so its a real bargain. Again for very limited stock.

If that was not enough all T-shirts have now been cut to £10.99 and hoodies to £19.99. High quality garments, so the price is a give away!

If that was not enough we have introduced a new promo subscription level, next 5 releases delivered before they hit the shops for £40 with minimal shipping costs. With music from Resound, Isotone, Naibu, Data, Blocks + Escher, Bachelors of science in the pipe this maybe the most cost efficient way to collect your music!

Thanks for everyones support

Neil Horizons
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