Horizons Music Group News: Exclusive Signings!

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    For a label that has so much going on, you rarely get a peep behind the scenes over at Horizons Music Group central. Well, forget that notion – here is a serious smack of information, straight from Neil, the pilot of the HMG ship, involving a host of EXCLUSIVE signings to the ever-growing HMG stable.

    First up to bat is Brazil’s own DJ XRS. Originally known as “XRS Land”, he struck DnB gold with “LK (Carolina Carol Bela)”, a collaboration with longtime associate DJ Marky, on V Recordings. This tune came out of nowhere and put the definitive stamp on what is now known as “the Brazilian sound”, and for good reason: a beautiful blend of funky drums, lush guitar work and waist-winding bass helped usher in the beats XRS and his Brazilian bredren had been rocking for years. Since then, he has gone on to drop tracks on a who’s who of DnB labels: Soul:r, Innerground, CIA, Nu Directions, Grid, Wildstyle and many more, and has remixed tracks from the likes of Dave Angel, Roy Ayers, Tali, Bebel Gilberto, Total Science and others. Now, it looks like you can add Horizons Music to his resume: he is on deck to drop 4 12”s for Horizons Music, which should already have your mouth watering. Never could a combination fit as perfect as this...

    Next is the Bachelors of Science crew. They are both representing San Francisco, CA by way of the United Kingdom, and have a keen sense of what’s going on. BSC is made up of Rene and DJ Fokus, and have gotten their tunes into the playlists of some of DnB’s heavy hitters: Bryan Gee, JuJu, DJ Bailey, LTJ Bukem, Flight, L Double, Doc Scott, and a host of others, and for good reason. One check of tracks like “Jah No Dead”, their most recent release (Crisis 006), and you are treated to a beautiful mix of liquid smoothness and dancefloor-ready beats. They’ve already received props from BBC 1Xtra’s “Best Breaking New Talent” series, and were voted runners-up in a 2004 Movement competition. Their first foray with Horizons was a well-received tune with fellow artist Brooklyn, “Wicked Ways”, but that is just the tip of the iceberg: their exclusive signing with Horizons Music has come in the way of a full length album, “Science Fiction”, which is scheduled to be released in 2007. Before that drops, however, their 12” “Sweat” b/w “Deeper Love” will drop first. Where “Sweat” is a dancefloor-soaked electro number, “Deeper Love” comes a bit funkier, a bit rougher, and truly shows you how diverse BSC can get. Check out their website for more details…

    You may not have heard of the duo known as Saburuko, but by the time their forthcoming Progress 12” drops, you will be truly impressed. Another duo that originally comes from the UK, these two call Brooklyn, NY home. When I first heard their work, I was surprised that they weren’t playing their beats on live instruments. There is a very clean, very crisp feel to their drums, and seductive waves of keys and bass throughout many of their productions. Don’t let that fool you though, some of their tracks smack you with nasty breaks and other-worldly bass, but still has that polished, “ready” feel. They have already received DJ support from the likes of Grooverider, Bryan Gee, Jumping Jack Frost, DJ Lee, Outrage, Doc Scott, Aphrodite and others, so they must be doing SOMETHING right. Consider yourselves warned…

    This next exclusive signee should be no stranger to the DOA Forum: he goes by the name of Hobzee, and has just recently started to get his shine on release-wise. Vibe’z recently signed a couple of tracks of his, and he was then signed to Horizons soon after. If you check out his MySpace page, you can hear tracks like “Requiem”, which is so ready it just needs to be cut to vinyl and shipped. Funky bass bounce, matched with a runnin’ keyboard melody and some piano stabs, the musicality is just not seen in many circles these days. He is also a pretty well-received DJ, dropping mixes for the Dogs and his weekly PF Radio show for about a year or so. It’s good to see some fresh talent get associated with a fresh label…

    The final outfit that has become recent exclusive signees is Human Factor. Consisting of DJ Tisso and A.Force, they have been working hard, getting support from DJs like Patife, Flight, Fabio and Nookie, who just signed some of their material for Phuzion. A quick visit to Tisso’s MySpace page will introduce you to gems like “Sensation”, which is one piece of brooding funk, accented by soft, quiet vocals and bevy of twinklings and noodlings. Very involved, driving music and a prime example of what Horizons is all about: timeless music from the latest batch of timeless artists.

    Keep it locked to the Horizons Music MySpace, or just watch this space for more upcoming news bits.

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    Looks good guys, some good signings there esp XRS!!
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