Horizons Music DIGITAL: New Tracks Added!


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For immediate consumption...

So you guys have been asking for the skinny on :mp3: versions of the Horizons Music Group's modern-day classics. Well, now is that time! Available right now over at the HMG Digital store at Juno, you can purchase :mp3: versions of Horizons Music releases 001-015, as well as Progress 001-005, in both 192kbps and 320kbps bitrates. This list includes top quality tracks from some of the scene's hottest and brightest stars: Alix Perez, Sabre, Random Movement, Heist, Duo Infernale, Mutt, Seba (ft. Robert Manos), Skitty and others. With the first few HZN releases, you are also treated to exclusive, online-only tracks, like the original version of Aspect's "It's Yours", Alix Perez' "Calypso", and an exclusive release from Skitty and Heist!

If you are trying to backup your vinyl purchases, are an :mp3: DJ, prefer to burn your DNB to disc or just want to see what all the hype about HMG is about, go right on over to the Horizons Music Digital store at Juno and listen to proper samples, and commense to buying!

Watch this space, and the Horizons Music MySpace page for word on the next batch of digital releases.

The Horizons Music Group would also like to send massive respect to all of the DJs, producers, fans and supporters who have made the HMG stable one of the premier groups to emerge in the past 2 years. Your continued support and dedication to this movement is appreciated.

Keep it HMG!