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    You guys already know about the Horizons Music label. Loads of new talent and quality releases from everyone: Alix Perez, Skitty, Heist, Visionary, Mutt, Aspect, Duo Infernale, Drifter, and many of the new school producers who are truly making waves and creating diverse sounds for the DnB nation. Now, you can get that goodness via :mp3: through Juno Records!

    Horizons Music downloads @ Juno

    The hot thing about these is, you can purchase extra, non-vinyl tracks... I just went on and saw that the previously unreleased original mix of Aspect's "It's Yours" is up for purchase at Juno! This tune, as of right now, is not even available on vinyl! There are also releases like this one that are exclusive to the site as well. Horizons Digital, indeed.

    All releases are available in 192kbps and 320kbps, so you CDDJs can get your proper sound quality on, for a lil bit more money of course.

    So if you are a fan of Horizons but don't buy vinyl, or just want to get your favorite Horizons tunes digitally for your mp3 player or CD burning pleasure, check out Horizons Music Digital.

    And for those who want to know, Progress should be availale on Juno shortly, followed by Crisis. Get prepared!


    Horizons Music @ MySpace