Horizons christmas offer and exclusive downloads


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***Christmas offer**

All vinyl orders you will get a free vinyl of your choice minimum spend £5 per vinyl to receive your free one. All subject to stock. Send us an email after placing order quoting Happy Christmas Horizons! Limited offer and ends 26th December. Limited stock.


Digital - Deathwish EP (Download exclusive)


Digital returns to Horizons for the second time in 2014 with a fresh EP of deep, dark explorations. "Deathwish" kicks things off with deep, dubby sounds pared back to a half-time tempo halfstep, while "My World" changes track, taking things in a sweeping, almost uplifting direction, very liquid but still with that Digital edge. "Damage" sees Outrage joining Digital in the studio for some dangerous break chopping and old school synth work, providing the EP's most dancefloor-driven track. "Joker" sees Spirit bust in for the collaboration, blending acid synths, frantic syncopations and dubby echoes over a solid backbone of bass. Last but not least, "Cold Case" takes things dark and minimal, with recorded samples, unorthodox percussion and an edgy atmosphere that leaves an uneasy feeling in the air long after it's over. Solid, experimental D&B from one of the best.

Horizons 2014 selection (Download exclusive)


Whether you've been following the artistry of Horizons Music's endless supply of incredible artists for years or you're new to its way of running things, this selection of the freshest 2014 cuts is going to float your boat. Featuring lush tones from Calibre and Grimm, pared-back ferocity from Digital and huge underground anthems like "Nevada Ghost" and "Half Truth" coming from Cern and Overlook and need For Mirrors, Dabs and HLC, it's hard to believe this much came from just 12 months. Not only that, but it emanated from just one label powerhouse. Horizons, we salute you.