Hope you will see me soon

See Me Soon


I have been visiting this forum for a while, and now I signed in.
Hope to give and get useful feedback on mind sweetness.

I use mainly hardware to make my own samples and try to make some nice tunes.
Someday, I maybe buy decent software, but for now I just use what's free on the web, like audacity and demo's.

Feel free to comment my music on soundcloud and tell me everything you think I did wrong. Or maybe right.

See you soon
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are you familiar with tracker software? if youre into making music on freeware, you of course want your main sequencer to be freeware, and modplug and the tracker scene, with the tunes distributed in open source format means you can study the very technique of the artists that you like. i learnt alot studying mods.

or is your main DAW a lite version of something?

See Me Soon

I use an old fashion keyboard, those are the best.
I bought a Technics kn 1400,
which comes with great first class sounds and a handy on board sequencer and a pretty powerful sound editor.
No worries about cpu or crapy sounds.
You can buy them really cheap and never have to worry about anything.
The composer function is just great. Lots and lots of grooves to use on the fly.
I never got the hype on MIDI-controller keyboards. They are lame, and don't bring anything a real keyboard can't give you.
Funny thing is, kids these days have heaven to play with, and most of them produce noise that won't even be played in hell if Satan had a shitty day or just wanted to ear-rape his guests.

but then again,
it's all a matter of opinion