HOODLUMMUSIC.COM presnets "U Don't Like Me" Refixes

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    Three of the finest THUGSTEP refixers, DJs Nappy, Cable and Hipnotikk, have combined their efforts and created the collective known as HOODLUM. Their first line of business? Introducing you guys to the business end of real THUGSTEP refixing, and what better tune to showcase this than the recent Diplo & Lil' Jon collaboration, "U Don't Like Me". Each DJ molds this track into their own singular anthems, and there's even a remix of the original instrumental featuring MCs Chose and RTKal. This EP is sure to be the next level of a movement that's been buzzing since late 2006, and is the first brick in the foundation that HOODLUM is building.

    DOWNLOAD "U Don't Like Me" (HOODLUM Refixes): http://www.hoodlummusic.com/UDONTLIKEME.ZIP
    COVER ART (by Justin Rossi): http://oi51.tinypic.com/30ruuzp.jpg
    post about this EP on HOODLUMMUSIC: http://hoodlummusic.com/blog/?p=69


    01) Lil' Jon "U Don't Like M(armit)e (DJ Hipnotikk Re-edit)"
    02) Lil' Jon vs. 16bit "U Don't Like Me (DJ Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"
    03) Lil' Jon vs. Rude Kid "U Don't Like Me (DJ Cable THUGSTEP Blend)"
    04) Chose & RTKal "U Don't Like Me (Remix)"

    for more info on these guys, hit up hoodlummusic.com/blog.
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    I'm glad you've presnetted this to me.

    I'm very grafetul.