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Discussion in 'Production' started by Koenraku, Apr 6, 2012.

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    Apr 4, 2012
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    looking at getting all new gear as i have saved up about £1.5-2k that i am looking into invest wisely. right now i just have a keystation 88 which i love, its easy and seems to last. right now i use fl studio but i will be looking to be using logic when i get a mac in the near future. so what i am looking for is just some good midi controllers. i need an 88 key keyboard as i play piano all the time and use more than a 49-61 key range. so i just want a keyboard, monitors and whatever i need. thanks.
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    search. there's a million threads on this. also many threads on individual things like monitors, DAWs, keyboards...
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    have you ever had a tune released? id think a lot if not about spending that much money...especially when you don't even know what you wanna buy?

    unless your filthy fucking rich in which case go for it
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    depends what kinda sound and music you wanna make as to what youd buy.
    What id buy,
    cheap midi keyboard
    old akai or emu sampler
    monophonic analog synth
    some rackmount fx's
    mixing desk
    cheap monitors - (doesnt matter too much as long as you got the frequency spectrum covered, Learn what music is supposed to sound like on your speakers then you can mix to what you know)
    they will give you enough to make ya breaks fat and ya bass huge.

    probs best starting with software and deciding how your gonna make music cause if you buy what i recommended you need to know why you would want them and how they can be used to achieve the sound you want. logic has a good sampler, its just me but i avoid soft synths except FM8 cause i can do a lot more with a few analogs and a sampler then most vsts can, sounds raw as fuck too. But like i said, i bought hardware that will help me make the sounds i want, i like the sound of analog synths, dirty breaks and emu samplers so i can only speak for myself