Drum & Bass Home Mix (Beginner)

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    Jun 12, 2013
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    Hey guys,

    I'm new here and I'm really looking for advice as to improve the quality of my mixes.. I don't use any hardware, I just record mixes in a more kind of a producer approach by using ableton or mixmeister fusion.

    I know a little bit about harmonic mixing and stuff I've gotten to learn from here and there, but I know it still sounds pretty newbish.

    I'd really like some feedback/advice as to what I should change/do differently, in order to put out better quality mixes. I don't really use effects yet because it doesn't really feel intuitive doing it on such an interface, and I don't really know how to use them.

    Thank you in advance, here's the link:


    00:00 Sub Focus - Out of the Blue
    -- Tantrum Desire - Reach
    03:12 Subsonik & Smooth - Don't Leave Me
    05:46 Friction vs Camo & Krooked Ft. Dynamite MC - Stand Up
    07:00 Sub Focus - Splash
    08:44 Nu:Tone ft Logistics - Bleeper
    11:39 Sub Focus - Rock It
    13:51 Sub Focus - Triple X
    16:26 Fred V & Grafix - Purple Gates
    -- Fred V & Grafix - Games People Play
    18:39 Danny Byrd - Sweet Harmony
    20:35 EZ Rollers - Crowd Rocker (Savage Rehab Remix)
    22:04 Mediks - Outbreak
    -- Danny Byrd - 4th Dimension (303 Mix)
    23:22 Mediks - Nightmare
    24:51 John B ft Code64 - The Journey (Metrik Remix)
    -- High Contrast - Some Things Never Change
    27:04 Danny Byrd - Love You Like This
    28:54 Loadstar - Refuse To Love
    31:48 Logistics - Eastern Promise
    34:05 S.P.Y - One Last Quest