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ez people, basiclly i been building a studio and its coming on quiet well and got to the point i have packed it out like mad, now i got to decide what to put on top of the double impact plasterboard that i have, because what ive been told and worked out is that coz its a hard flat surface it will reflect sound all over the show making mixdowns harder, i have been told use foam,carpet etc.

so taking in to a account i am on a low budget was just wondering other people views on the matter lol, let me no what works kool for you lot and maybe even pictures would be cool :D


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Dont use carpet on walls, it only absorbs very high fequencies so it'll leave the room sounding really boxy. If its stud walling it wont be as bad as the cavity behind the boards will do some good in absorbing some of the sound. It really depends on your room though, unless its been designed with acoustics in mind from the start then its usualy a case of trying different things and seeing what works best. Have a look at the Sound On Sound website http://www.soundonsound.com, they do a "studio sos" series where they impove the recording/mixing environments for home studios, theres usualy some helpful stuff to be seen there. Good luck with your studio!


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rockwool is ment to be good. Build some wooden frames. back the frames onto rockwool with material covering it. Staple the material to the back of the frame. Hang these on your wall and they will absorb sound rather than reflect it. You can put them in the corners of your room too as bass traps. Check out youtube. Several videos showing how to make them. Good luck mate