Hollow Bass


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I have a little question for you guys, and i hope someone can help me with it.
After a long time i can make a nice sub bass that i layer with a sweet mid range hollow sine/square bass.
i know how to split the frequenties of the sub and the mid range part and how to use effects to make the mid range bass bigger and 'smoother'.
But when i play my mid range bass with the rest of the track it's loses power and and when i crank the volume up it's to over powered :s
I tried limiters,compressors,... but it still wouldn't fit in with my drums pads fx...
So i tried to make some other basses from other waveforms, but still the same problem( but still good practice for making bass patches :) )
So muy question is , how do you guys fit in your hollow layers? Is there something i'm missing?
If someone know's they answer please share it with me:)

Many thanks!

PS:i can post some examples when i get home.