Can you feel the bass?
Mar 29, 2009
hey im caoimhe pronounced... kee-vah :)

from belfast

love clubbing, partying, and searching for new tunes..

moving to london in august to start a music event management degree

and im addicted to dnb and dubstep :) although i adore the majority of dance music genres... except hardstyle lol

ha ha its irish u should see some of my cousins' names

thanks all :) already got some amazin members mixes here! really high standard! :D
girl power n all that :) xx

Mansell wasn't thinking that.

She's a raving lesbian. Nothing makes her happier then waking up in a faceful of snatch.

Welcome to the forum.

Watch out for jmzmaloney, he's a bit of a pervert. If he pms you, there's a 80% chance it'll be a picture of his penis, 10% chance it'll be his left ball and the other 10% is his right ball.
ha ha ok... ill google it...

i havent got a full southern irish accent.. its a belfast one... bit more whiney and annoying haha
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