DnB Hocus Pocus - The Prestige - Volume 2 - Oct 2015

Hocus Pocus

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Hocus Pocus - The Prestige - Volume 2


Cabin Fever / Callide / Dawn Raid / Symptom / Jinx / Dazee / Dan Miracle / Sterling Sound / Fire Syne Sudden Def / Lighterman / Nian Dub / Diamond Geezer

Fresh from making some serious waves across the underground Drum & Bass/Jungle scene via the storming Prestige LP Volume 1...

Randall – “Bad” – 5/5
Nicky Blackmarket - “biiiiiiiiiiiig... runnin’ album!!!” - 5/5
Grooverider - “Good” - 4/5
Kenny Ken - “good release” 5/5
Ray Keith - “Great album wicked tunes big tings!” 4/5
DJ Marky – “Chameleon... big!”
Logan D - “Thanks, Banging” - 5/5
A-Sides - “Heavy.” - 5/5
DJ Craze – “Dope” – 4/5
Dazee – “Good things are worth waiting for!”
Bladerunner – “Wicked LP A great selection of jungle!”
Serum – “Good album! Sappo & Voltage stand out!”

THE PRESTIGE LP VOL 2. This is the second part of a collection of absolute firing future classics, from a multi talented collection of artists based all over the globe. From the US to Canada and back round again to the UK. Each artist is making their own massive movements across the current scene, championing Drum & Bass to the fullest with their trademark beats & bass. As you would expect, they have brought their own take on the Hocus Pocus vibe to this album, in the form of original pieces and remixes.

This has been fashioned together precisely to showcase the full spectrum of Jungle/Drum and Bass music. Whatever flavours you’re into, you will be sure to find them within this formidable collection. Hocus Pocus is truly honoured and excited to bring to you... THE PRESTIGE LP VOL 2.

A. Symptom : Come On Strong
B. Fire Syne & Sudden Def : Recognition
C. Nian Dub : Usuper
D. Dan Miracle: Poseidon’s Wrath
E. Dawn Raid : One Dove – Cabin Fever Remix
F. Jinx : Days Gone By
G. Lighterman : Take You Home
H. Sterling Sound: Murder Capital
I. Diamond Geezer : My Girl – DJ Dazee Remix
J. Dawn Raid : Blue Sky Thinking – Callide Remix