HO/ 009: Journey to Hideout mix: Jack Swift by Hideout Festival

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    lo Jam - Dusky (Mange Tout Remix)
    Blues for you - Logic (Hard Dub)
    I Refuse - Somore (Filthy Rich Remix)
    The Game - Lars Vegas
    Sit Back - Az & Tor (No Artificial Colours Remix) Forthcoming MadTech Records
    Lost - Leftwing and Kody
    Every Hour - Second City
    Red Alert - Basement Jaxx (Steve Gurley Remix)
    Spirit of the Sun - Lenny Fontana (Steve Gurley Remix)
    Red Alert - Basement Jaxx (Steve Gurley Remix)
    Dither - Mak and Pasteman
    Dorothys Forest - Pete Graham and Lorenzo (Forthcoming BulletTrain Records)
    Release Me - Foamo (Vocal)
    Release Me - Foamo (Instrumental)
    Confess to Me - Disclosure
    Goin on - Baffled
    I'll Take you There - Antonio
    Throwback - Dale Howard (Dub)
    I Can't Get No Sleep - Masters at Work (Mk Remix)
    Sincere - Mj Cole
    4 You - 4th Measure Men (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
    Beam Me Up - Close (George Fitzgerald Remix)
    French 75 - Panos and Setenza (Leftwing and Kody Remix) Forthcoming Off Records
    Out of Time - Moodtrap (AudioJacks Acid Sunrise Mix)
    Jack - Breach (Mak and Pasteman Remix) Forthcoming Dirty Bird Records
    Jack - Breach
    Jack - Breach (Mak and Pasteman Remix) Forthcoming Dirty Bird Records
    Hype Funk - Reach and Spin
    Kneadin - Hannah Wants and Chris Lorenzo (Forthcoming)
    Da Click - Dark Sky and Breach
    Its Not Right - Whitney Houston (Mak and Pasteman Remix)
    Feel Real - Movement (Shadow Child Remix)
    The Boy is Mine - Brandy and Monica (Architects Remix)
    Never Gonna Let You Go - TIna Moore (Tuff Jams UVM Dub)
    Box Clever - Huxley
    Vanishing Point - Dusky
    The Things i Didn't Mean - Urulu and Steve Huerta
    Morels Groove - George Morel
    Burning - Mk
    This Will Be Mine - Todd Terry
    The Gettup - Justin Martin and Eats Everything
    Girls - Hannah Wants and Chris Lorenzo (Forthcoming)
    Social Experiment - Cause and Affect (Forthcoming Bullet Train Records)
    NY BOBBY - Luca Serra
    Etch - Paleman
    You Know What's Up - Donnell (Joy Orbison Remix)
    20 Year Tribute - AudioJack
    Anytime - NuBirth
    The Players - R.I.P Productions
    Work It - R.I.P Productions
    My Desire - Amira (Dreem Teem Remix)
    My Desire - Amira (Blaze House Mix)
    Nobody Else - Dusky
    Sit Back - Az & Tor (PolkaDot Remix) Forthcoming MadTech Records)
    More Than a Fantasy - Tony Tokyo
    I'll Do Anything - Darious Syrossian (Leftwing and Kody Remix) Forthcoming Lost Records
    Anything - Alfred Taylor
    Music Deep inside - Zed Bias